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Living in one of the coldest parts of the country, a properly functioning heating system is more than just a matter of comfort.  Proper maintenance and service is critical to ensuring an optimally running boiler or furnace.  You will be amazed at how much more comfortable your home or office will be with a furnace/boiler that's been properly maintained.  
Remember, if your furnace / boiler goes out during one of these cold Chicago winters, you could suffer additional damage due to frozen pipes.

When service and maintenance can no longer keep your boiler or furnace going, high efficiency alternatives are now available for replacement.  

Residential Furnace - Removal Residential Furnace - New High Efficiency Install
Residential Furnace - Original Unit to be removed for high efficiency unit New Residential high efficiency furnace installation

Here's an example of a furnace that was likely put in when the house was first built.  Replacing that furnace with a new, high efficiency, Rheem furnace provided our client with more heat at a lower energy cost.

Multi-Unit Dwelling (Apartment building) Boiler removal Multi-Unit Dwelling High Efficiency Boiler Installation
Old boiler system for multi-unit apartment complex. Installation of new high efficiency boiler system for multi-unit apartment complex

For this apartment building we were able to  use even less space to install a new high efficiency boiler.  This unit services XXX apartments at about XX the cost of the original boiler..

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